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‘Kamine was ahead of times’,says Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor recalled about his initial acting days and the quest for various projects.

He reminisced saying,” When I started acting in 2003, I had grown up watching certain type of content. It was not like just happy happy kind of content.”

” The Content that I really enjoyed was kind of layered and was driven by characters and intense moments and drama and comedy at the same time.”

He expressed,” I was looking for stuffs like that but first of all I didn’t even have a beard. So I didn’t look the part to do anything which was and also there were very few people attempting that.”

He said,” The first time I did something of that nature was kamine and I totally believed that Kamine was ahead of it’s time.”

He added,” I think the film like kamine if it was to come out now, it would have a much wider audience than what it had at that time.”

He says,” I think the evolution of Farzi, everything has been in our favour and sometimes when that happens, magic happens and I think that’s what happened.”

“But it did extremely well and I’m happy about it. I’m happy to talk about it endlessly.”

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