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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia first interview post Eviction

Nimrit kaur Ahluwalia is evicted from the Bigg Boss house through Mid-week Eviction.

Reacting on her Eviction, she said,” Honestly if there’s a pan-India voting and this would happen, it would have been more hurtful. But if this happened because of some people’s opinions, which I genuinely respect, so it’s ok.”

She added,” Because I know that not everything is written in everyone’s destiny and I believe in destiny.”

She said,” I’m very grateful to the show and to this journey because I discovered a lot about myself. I feel a hell lot stronger.”

She talked about Ekta Kapoor signing her for a film that’s LSD 2 saying,”Something like LSD happened which is a dream for every actor and I’m so so grateful to Bigg Boss, to the channel, to Ekta Mam and to Everyone. Because now when I look back, I feel it’s been a good ride.”

She expressed her quest for being in finale and said,” I feel I could see the AV with tissue box in my hand. But once I get back home, I’m definitely going to watch my phone and see all the support and love throughout my journey that I have received from everyone. I really feel so grateful because I never thought I could do this, but I did it. I’m just very proud of myself.”

She responded on being asked who she thinks should have been eliminated on her place and said,” Firstly I am nobody to decide upon someone’s destiny.”

She further said,” In a reality show it’s very important to be real that’s my lookout. I never thought about game and calculations. I felt that what I’m in my real life, how in my relationships and how I’m when my sad, all these should reach the viewers.”

She added,” If it was on the basis of voting then I know that I was in top 4 definitely. And if your all love and blessings was there, may be I would have reached beyond that.”

Nimrit spoke on her breakdowns inside the house quoting,” I think until you don’t put yourself in a difficult situation, you don’t realise how much strength you have.I realised this after getting inside the house.”

She said,” I’m sure life is going to through a lot of obstacles around me again and again and I will fall but I’ll have the courage to get up because now I have so many people loving me and supporting me.”

Nimrit spoke on her struggles of coming from a middle class family,” And you know I come from a middle class family where people don’t have courage to say that I want to become an actor or go to Bombay. People are like focus on your studies and I did that. And after that I convinced that this is my dream and I really want to do it.”

She added,” I’m grateful to my parents for supporting my dreams. So everytime I fall, I have so many people who I can inspire so I’m going to take that positive energy and get up again. Fall and get up again.”

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