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Priya Banerjee opens up about dating Prateik Babbar

On Valentine’s Day, actors Priya Banerjee and Prateik Babbar made their relationship Insta official. The two have been rumoured to be dating each other since the last year, however, never openly spoke about each other. For the first time, Banerjee talks about her equation with Babbar.

“It is always very nice to fall in love,” she confesses. “I’ve known him for a while. We just made it official. We thought it was time… We have been together since last year, and it was Valentine’s Day, so (we thought) why not right,” she adds.

Talking about the reason both the parties remained mum about their affair despite news portals reporting about them, the actor shares, “We both are a little private, when it comes to stuff like this. You want to be spoken about your work, not your relationship. I think all actors like that. The moment you talk about relationships, the whole focus shifts there. We work so hard for people to talk about our work, and then suddenly they don’t want to know about that… they want to know who you’re dating. So, we wanted to keep it under wraps and even now we want to make sure it’s not the highlight of our.. Work should always be the highlight.”

Banerjee and Babbar’s posts made headlines and were well received by movie enthusiasts. “We were very happy that everybody was happy for us. It was a very happy moment because we didn’t expect it to go viral. Everybody was happy for friends and family and that’s most important people know when they’re happy, that is what matters,” the Bekaaboo actor recalls.

Currently the two are in a “happy phase”. “We’ve been friends. We met through friends and just clicked. We are very similar people… we are fun people and lazy people. We just want to work and be at home,” she shares.

Ask the 32-year-old, if the two have come up with a hashtag for themselves and she laughs, “Isn’t that something that people decide for us?” Suggest her PriPra as one and she sounds elated.

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