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Rakhi Sawant arrested, complaint filed by Sherlyn Chopra over nude photos

Rakhi Sawant and Limelight are two interconnected words in themselves.

This time it’s shocking. Rakhi Sawant has been arrested by the Amboli Police Station. The arrest has been planned by Sherlyn Chopra.

Sherlyn Chopra spoke on the entire matter,” On 8 November 2022, I had filed a complaint against Rakhi Sawant at Amboli Police Station.”

She allegated,” Rakhi Sawant kept on gathering and calling media and showed them my nude or derogatory photos. She even said media that police has caught me doing prostitution, which is a complete false accusation.”

She added,” Does our constitution give us permission to speak irrelevant and unnecessary stuff on any man or woman in public, or does it allow to ruin someone’s respect? No, I would like to clarify that my fight is against sexual Molestation and molesters.”

She even spoke on Indian Cinema celebs,” Whenever I stand up against sexual molesters like Sajid Khan and Raj kundra who have sexually molested me, people like Rakhi Sawant intervene in between and try protecting such criminal. I request all these people that instead of protecting your brothers go to your brothers and ask them why they sexually molest a woman.”

Sherlyn Chopra spoke on Rakhi Sawant,” Instead of saying this to her brother, she tells media that Sherlyn Chopra is allegating my brother and showed my derogatory pictures. To suspect and find out the culprit blamed by a victim is not the right of a comman man but of Police Administration.”

She raised her voice saying,” If accused’s sister is facing any problem over this, she should seek help from police.”

She even said,” Now ask your brothers to come and save you “

She even spoke to Sajid Khan through Media cameras and said,” Sajid Khan,Me-too accused, please come to police station and see what’s happening with your sister. She’s been interrogated. Don’t you want to know the reason, Sajid Khan?”

She added,” In my FIR, it is filled on the basis of Article IT-67 Act. According to this, nobody can show or display someone else’s derogatory pictures or videos on any public platforms, be it a man or a woman.”

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