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Shahid Kapoor on completing 20 years, how he got farzi and talks about Retirement

Shahid Kapoor is nowadays busy with his OTT series “Farzi” promotions. Recently he’s given an interview where he talked about 20 years in film Industry.

He said,” Well that’s probably a book, man (Laughed). Let’s just say that I’m hopefully mature a little bit and I learnt may be to be more professional and committed. I think the child like curiosity and love for what you do, should always stay.”

He continued,” So it’s important to keep the child in you alive. It’s very important especially for ever creative person. Sometimes the child is very annoying but he’s essential. I have learnt to appreciate what I have more. I have learnt to appreciate what other people do more. And it feels like there’s so much more to do.”

He even said,” I had thought that I would work 20 years and earn ao much money so that I can retire then and enjoy. But now I realised that after working so hard, you still have to continue doing so.”

Talking about the Farzi’s script and being associated with Raj & DK Shahid said,” Weirdly what has happened was that they had come to me with this subject called Farzi which at that time was a film. We had interacted a couple of times and they kept sharing the fact that they’re finding it difficult to put it into one film because it’s a lot of content like it’s a big story “

He added,” And then it kind of didn’t happen, I guess they were not feeling like they’re being able to put it like that and all. And I moved on to other things.”

He revealed,” Then actually they reached out to me for a movie and I asked them if they have a shoot because I had watched ‘Family Man’ and enjoyed it so much that the viewer in me was reaching out as an artist to the maker in them.”

He added,” And that’s when very weirdly DK said that you know this is so strange that the show that we are working on right now is actually the film that we had offered you and would you be interested and I was like that was always a great idea though it kind of never came through together.”

He said,” And then it was in the process of developing at that time and it was getting marinated so to say and I kind of realised that the world has had the space to develop and was so much more evolved than what I had heard.”

He spoke on his character in the Ott series saying,” The character that they had offered me, if you’re an actor, you are always looking for a meaty character and Sunny was exactly that. I could relate to the character and I immediately understood”

He said,” It might sound weird because he’s a counterfeiter but I did.”

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