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Shahid Kapoor reveals his the subject selection for films

Shahid Kapoor talked about his selection of subjects and how far has it changed.

To which he replied,” I think what happens is that this post pandemic, pre-pandenic , there’s relevance to that to a certain degree. We have to recognise patterns, trends.”

He said,” It’s important to be aware of them but you should not start chasing those trends and those numbers because they are bound to change.”

He added,” Either you’re ahead of the curve or you are behind the curve and if you’re running after a trend in all probability or behind the probability.”

“When you’re ahead of the curve, it’s important to know how far ahead you are. If you’re just around the corner it’s nice. If you’re so far ahead that nobody gets you, that’s a problem.”

He says,” I have been in all three spaces. I have been ahead, I have been on the curve and I have been behind the curve. It’s really about finding the sweet spot.”

He added,” I think post pandemic the one thing that has happened is that the audiences get to decide what they want to watch and where they want to watch.”

He said,” Earlier it was like if you want to watch a movie, you go to theatres , if you want to watch the best actor’s, the biggest stars, the best movies , you have to go to theatres.”

He said,” that’s not true anymore. I think there’s great Content across the board. Things like YouTube shots or Instagram, all of these are contents.”

” People are consuming content in short format and long format. So you’re competing with everybody. You’re competing with that two minutes Instagram video to a fifteen minutes YouTube video.”

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