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Shilpa Saklani and Apurva Agnihotri exclusively spoke on their entry into Bigg Boss 7

Talking about them getting into Bigg Boss,the couple Shilpa Saklani and Apurva Agnihotri revealed the facts.

Shilpa said,” I don’t know how many people can say that they have enjoyed their Bigg Boss journey.”

She disclosed,” Me and Apurva, we personally didn’t enjoy that journey a lot. It’s all thanks to God that we’re together.”

She added,” It’s all done by the God because at that time many things were offered but both of us were so affirmed that we won’t go alone. We’re that clear and certain about it.”

She continued,” But the year they said that come as a couple. I had a meeting with them and I said that you guys come over every year and I said that I can’t do it.”

” And that’s when they said that if it’s with Apurva, then I took time to think.”

She went on to say,” Also, it’s the time when Apurva had finished one of his show and he had an interim period of 4 months before he would start with his next show.”

She said,” So when I came home, I said that you anyways have 4-5 months. And we kind of somewhere knew that in the madness, we wouldn’t sustain for long.”

” Either such personalities would go till the end or if you’re not so aggressive then you’re one of the sooner ones to live.”

Apurva carried forward the talk saying,” So when we got the offer eventually, we had said yes. We were in the vanity vans and there were contestants who were crying by the way.”

He added on,” All of them had certain anxiety because editing can portray and manipulate anything in anyways. So lot of things were happening before the entry “

Shilpa Saklani revealed her experience post entering the house. She expressed,” For me like I had understood on the very first day itself that if you sit free, you can get mad.”

She spoke,” So very smartly, I did one good thing that I said I cook very well, so I’ll get into the kitchen work. Everybody was super happy because they had a person who can cook and who’s wanting to cook “

” So, neck deep down, I used to spend my time cooking because whatever you call it but that house environment is very toxic.”

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