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Sumbul Touqueer on bond with Sajid Khan and meeting Shalin-Tina post Bigg Boss

Sumbul Touqueer gave her epic reactions on various instances that took place inside the house

She reacted on bond with Sajid Khan saying,” I have shared a good bond with Sajid Sir and nobody has the right to speak on it as I have lived the bond.”

She also talked about Farah khan and said,” I have met Farah mam who loves me so much and who also told me that why Sajid sir loves me so much. That’s an unsaid relationship like a father figure for me. And he’s hypothetically given me many situations because he knew he’ll leave the house in 105 days and he wanted to make me strong mentally.”

She added,” While leaving the house, he said only one thing ‘Take care of Sumbul’. I think that’s speaks enough.”

Shalin and Sumbul initially shared a good bond but later on that turned into rift. She said,” It’s just that I was a little relieved that it’s not too late and not too damage took place inside. Ofcourse it might have been outside.”

She continued,” Inside the house, the pain that I suffered it was good for me to stay away from him. I wanted to part ways but when he started nominating me then why will I stay back. I never wanted that he started it and I ended it.”

She reacted on Shalin’s comment about calling her a kid. She said,” Sorry but I was the youngest inside the house but I never took advantage of it. I never ever asked to treat me like my age or take care of me according to my age. If it was so, I wouldn’t have faced such humiliation in the house.”

She elaborated saying,” I didn’t have issue with speaking but with the way of speaking. Shiv would call me “Soniya” out of affection, Nimrit called me “Bacha” but I never took offence on it because they don’t make fun of me.”

She added,” The way Shalin said it he was making fun of me as simple as. I don’t care of his opinions,if anyone finds it hypocrite.”

She was asked if she would meet Tina and Shalin outside the house, she said,”Never ever”.

Sumbul was asked take on her game and she replied” I haven’t played any game as such. I don’t know what game you all are taking about.”

She said,” I just want to say that whatever relationships I have made inside the house or I have broken or I came out with, I only did it because I genuinely felt like doing. And I rest my case.”

She spoke on being offered any other reality show. She said,” It depends, why not. Ya ofcourse.”

She spoke on who will win Bigg Boss trophy and what she told was,” If it’s in my hand, I’ll make three of the members of Mandali as winners.”

She revealed,” I love and respect Sajid Sir a lot and he’s a father figure to me. He’s the one inside the house who had kept us mentally sane.”

She also said,” He’s the only one who’s talking to me since the time I am out of the house.”

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