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Sumbul reacts on Archana-Priyanaka, reaction on leg-pulling inside the house

Sumbul Touqueer even reacted on her current equation with other housemates in the house.

Sumbul reacted on meeting Archana and Priyanka outside the Bigg Boss house. She said,” Ofcourse, why not Priyanka and Archana have done no wrong to me. They are good people. Infact Archana is good too and outside the game she’ll be more polite I guess. Priyanka too post the game will not speak in that high volume.”

She said,” It will be nice if we talk things apart from game with them as it will be new which we haven’t talked yet.”

Sumbul also revealed the moments which had broken her inside the Bigg Boss house. She said,” Firstly I would say that Non-fiction and fiction are entirely different. People had different expectations from me in Bigg Boss from other reality shows that I have done.”

She said,” Bigg Boss is a completely different show where we just go on with our minds. I’m such that it’s not in my nature to fight. I don’t even speak up without any reason. I raise my voice only when I genuinely feel something. I can’t move around the house shouting without reason. I can’t create issues when there’s none. Just because I have to create an issue, I’ll not fall off my hairs and place it in bathroom.”

She added,” That’s not me and I feel I’m a very simple human. I live a very simple life and I’m very sorted. Whatever fights had occurred in the house, I have enjoyed them enough by sitting at distant.”

She also spoke on fans blaming Shalin and Sajid Khan for lowering Sumbul’s confidence. She said,” People who have voted for me and supported me, knows me what kind of person I’m. Bigg Boss house is a very different platform where different people come with different point of views, where a 19 year old girl comes.”

She added,” I don’t count Shalin right now, only Sajid Sir matters to me. Sajid sir has not seen me ever before so he didn’t know what kind of person I’m. But after a point even he realised that Sumbul is like this.”

She confessed,” Initially many have misjudged me, it’s not only Sajid Sir. Many things have happened even fans have judged me of acting childish. But that never changed my core personality.”

She spoke on her bond with Sajid Khan and said,” I have a bond with Sajid Sir. He’s always adviced me for my own goodwill. He didn’t mean that I stop behaving like child, what he meant was that now I’m at a very different platform where my point of views matter more than my entertainment.”

She said,” I have enjoyed a lot with him and has been leg-pulled as well at times. It was only like a family.”

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