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Abdu Rozik is back in Bigg Boss house, avoided Nimrit

Abdu Rozik has finally entered back in the Bigg Boss house.

His entry was full of swag with his dialogue “Swagat Nahi Karoge Humara”. Followed by this, his extremely popular song was played for his re-entry.

Shiv, Stan, Nimrit including all the housemates were super excited to see him back.

Abdu exchanged very warm hug with Shiv and Stan but at the same time he had cold vibes with Nimrit and Sajid. Both Nimrit and Sajid were shocked at this strangeness of Abdu.

Abdu was even seen consoling Priyanka over Ankit’s eviction. He was seen giving her motivation regarding game.

Archana too was seen having fun banter with Abdu Rozik.

Nimrit was upset over this behaviour, so she confronted it directly with Abdu. But Abdu continued to maintain his behaviour.

This made Nimrit really upset. She’s seen crying over it.

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