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Jasmin made revelation on finding girls’ for Aly to marry

Jasmine and Aly were really good friends initially then it grew into love.

Aly said,” We were really close friend. At one point it was like we would have shopping together, visit together and everything happened together “

He said,” It happened so that even if I liked any girl, I would tell her that I like this girl. She would even look up girl’s for me , sometimes even strange girl’s.”

Jasmine said,” I used to look for girls with who he can settle down and who are not just there to date because he’s a good looking actor. I would look for decent girls who can be a good match for him, from marriage perspective.”

She added,” Also because his family were looking for,be it his mother or sisters. So everybody wanted him to get married.”

On being asked that what if Aly would have liked any of them to which Jasmin said in a humorous way,” It wouldn’t happen as he always liked me from the beginning,it just he doesn’t accept (Laughs)”

Aly said,” It the other way round.”

Jasmine added,” I accept it that I realised it first but also I was very clear that it shouldn’t create problem in our friendship and we balanced it “

Aly said,” I used to stay away from all these earlier. I used to think that the time it has to happen, it will eventually happen with whoever it is and I’ll not stop myself from it.”

He added,” It so happened as well like the moment I realised I said it.When I wasn’t feeling it I didn’t even say that. I’m a kind of person who won’t lie if I don’t feel something.”

He continued,” Why should I lie with half feelings? Though I was happy with her but giving a commitment was a big thing. I talk to fifty people be it girls or my friends and suddenly if I commit to her as well then it’s not right.”

He added,” The biggest reason with her was that it’s fine we know each other and in future if we are together what can be more satisfying than being with a person who knows you in and out very well.”

He revealed,” The reasons why I didn’t want to get into relationship is not here. That irritability, that questioning is something I don’t like neither do I ask for it.”

He said,” So it’s better to be with somebody who you are happy with because I don’t like that unhappy life.”

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