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Kichcha Sudeep speaks on Salman Khan

Kichcha Sudeep during the press meet of Kabzaa interacted with media.

He was asked about his take on anti-hero film.

He said,” Everytime I did something negative or something more than anything it was more emotional.”

He added,” When Salman Khan Sir will call or Chandru will call or a Rajamoli Sir will call, by the end of the day it’s about all of them want me.”

He said,” That’s a great feeling and for example Dabangg is a completely out and out film and it’s not like Makkhi. It’s a different role”

He added,” But if somebody is wanting you there and if that’s gonna make them happy and uf that’s gonna add some bonus ti the film, why not.”

He said,” But it kind of pinches me also a little. First I get beaten up by a fly and next is Mr Salman Khan.”

” So by the end of the day I keep asking that what happens by the end of it. I just see some fire similing faces”

He spoke,” ofcourse Makhi was one of the greatest experiences and today it’s not just about me.”

He revealed,” In the beginning of the career, it’s about me. My films, Friday whether even Upendra’s are as responsible”

He continued,” As I said if my hero films are clashing with mine on Friday, I want to win. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

He said,” But you go on after some time like how Mr. Panditra just now said that we got a great date where we are not clashing”

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