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Nimrit kaur take on favouritism, captaincy and bond with Priyanka and Shiv

Nimrit kaur Ahluwalia post her Eviction spoke on allegations put on her.

She was queried about the captaincy which she got at the first week and also in the finale week. She’s also appreciated over her leadership qualities.

She said,” Leadership quality is in my DNA. My mom is principal in a school and my dad is a retired Brigadier. It’s actually in my blood and I’m very good at micro-managing people.”

She continued saying,” If you’ve observed, everyone would say that whenever I was captain I was different. But nobody ever thought that the difference is because I was not among those who would intervene in someone else’s issues.”

She clarified,” I can’t be someone who would do things unnecessarily. If there’s a fight on a potato, I’m sorry but it’s too petty for me to even have a fight on that and I can’t fake it just because there’re 150cameras and I have to present myself as relevant. No I’m not that person.”

She added,” My way of looking at life is to always find a solution. So everytime when there’s some fight happening and when I’m the captain people are bound to listen to me whether they like it or not. So whenever there’s a fight, if you observe, I have always come up with a solution. I never showed ego. Rather I have satisfied people’s ego and tried to sort things with love Instead of abusing or going personal on family.”

Nimrit since day 1 had tiff with Priyanka and when Shiv would talk to Priyanka, she would get hurt. Clarifying on to this she said,” See the reason is that in friendship you have a sense of right on that person. Like Shiv didn’t like Archana and if he had issues with me talking to Archana then why should I not possess that right.”

Nimrit reacted on captaincy given on a platter. She said,” Firstly I want to remind you that captaincy never happened on votes. Talking about the first week, Bigg Boss had clearly stated that I’ll only be captain if I get successful in convincing housemates over their bedrooms allotted by me. After 2-3 days I was fired as I had a task with Shalin and I had won the task . So sorry but nobody served the captaincy to me on a platter.”

On being asked that if she agrees that she’s never played on herself but just moved forward with a push by someone else, she reacted by saying,” You need to see Bigg Boss again.”

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