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Nora Fatehi and Raj Kumar Rao spoke on their Chemistry

Today, Nora Fatehi and Raj Kumar Rao had their song launch event for “Achha Sila Diya”.

Nora spoke about the response saying,” It’s been amazing and we’re very happy with the response. I think we’ve already hit a million plus views and you guys have been showing a lot of love. I just wanna know what you guys think, I’m more interested in knowing your response.”

Raj Kumar Rao even expressed his reaction and said,” I had fun shooting it and I think Arvindr Khaira was very clear about what he wanted and we all were just following his vision. He knows what is required by our audience and this is what he brings up.”

He continued,” This was my first time so I didn’t know this world. But I had fun, it’s a good song. It’s recreated very well.”

Raj Kumar Rao also spoke on working with Nora Fatehi again. He said,” Working with Nora after “Kamriya” in Stree, She’s lovely girl to work with.”

Talking about Nora’s work and character in the song,” Nora is not at all like that so when she used to do those scenes, after the cut we used to laugh about it. She’s so talented in what she does. In all the sequences, I was just playing that intense guy. So I was doing what I do but Nora had to do dance plus acting so more responsibility was on her shoulders than me.”

Nora was questioned on giving all hits, She replied,” First of all, whatever the singles I have done, it’s been a joint effort of the whole entire team and the response from the audiences and the support and love from the fans,I have always been grateful for that. Most of my singles have been with Arvindr Khaira and I think it’s his magic and his ability to put a whole story in just 3-4 minutes and make you feel like you’re watching a mini film and I think that’s something that’s so cool and I love that.”

She added,” And I love merging dance and acting together and I think it’s so cool. It pushes my boundaries and it allows me to express myself but I have just been lucky. If it was for “Chor Dege” or ” Pachtaoge” with Vicky or “Achha Sila Diya” with Raj Kumar Rao , it’s just very interesting space to be in.”

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