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Shah Rukh Khan asked Karan Johar to get out of his car, called his Dad….

This Evening, the star cast of “Selfie” came up for the trailer launch event today.

With the presence of Akshay Kumar, the entire team had a fun-filled time.

Karan Johar asked Emran Hashmi that he’s playing the role of an RTO officer so if he’s a good driver. To this Emran replied,” I have stopped driving in Bombay actually. I try not to but if I do drive, it’s early in the morning or late at night.”

Karan said,” I used to drive till I was 18 and I still remember this tiny story where I had gone to fetch Shah Rukh Khan and I was 20 and I had to drive him to Film City because Adi said bring him or he’ll never come on time.”

He recalled saying,” I used to drive Maruti 800 so he got done and he said that you’ve your car so I’ll go with you and I said okay.”

Karan added,” He got into the car with me. Three minutes later, Shah Rukh said stop the car and park at the corner. I asked him what happened and he said get out right now. So he got out , got into the driving seat and he looked at me and he looked at me and said that you’ll never drive again “

Emran intervened,” Were you driving fast or slow?”

To which Karan replied,” He said people will die, you’ll die. He got to filmistan studio and he called up my father from the landline and he said please get him either a car or make him come in a taxi because he can’t drive.”

Karan said,” So when I said to Akshay that I can’t drive he was very surprised because I really can’t and I shouldn’t have a license.”

Akshay said,” Do you have it or not?”

Karan replied,” We will talk about this later or else the very mudda of the film will come through.”

Karan even commented on Akshay Kumar’s outfit and said,” Very nice Akshay that you’re here you wore my clothes and came. I love it. I’m very excited, you’re in the pink of health today.”

He asked Akshay,” How does it feel?”

Akshay said,” I have always been so.”

Karan interrupted,” How was the experience for you?”

Akshay spoke on this saying,” Well it’s a very very different kind of story, I’ve never played like an actor in a film and it’s been a great experience working with this man(Emran Hashmi), wonderful man and wonderful actor. First time I am working with him.”

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