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Tabbu and Ajay Devgan on their Chemistry, kisses each other openly

Bhola Teaser 2 is out and Tabbu and Ajay Devgan are back again. This time Ajay Devgan for the very first time has directed Tabbu.

On being asked about Tabbu’s experience over Ajay Devgan directing her, She said,” He was a different human being. He was not the Ajay Devgan that I have known for so many years. He’s someone else when he’s directing.”

She added,” He won’t talk to anyone. He wouldn’t even laugh or smile though he smiles and talks less. But when he’s a director just don’t go to him.”

She revealed,” He would even forget before the shot to tell me about what do I have to perform in my shot. He’s like he even forgets that.”

And when she asks him what to do next,he would reply,” Okay what’s next, go and sit there. Jump from the track and do this or that. That’s his instructions for my actions.”

She laughs saying,” I would sometimes say to him I’m not Ajay Devgan,Sir.”

Praising Ajay Devgan she said,” But he’s an amazing director and he’s very clear about what he wants. Since he himself is an actor so he looks everything from an actor’s perspective. So he takes care of his actors in his films.”

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