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Tina Dutta on who’s ZUZU, Top 3 and her journey in BB16

Tina Dutta was spotted outside in the city and she interacted with the paparazzi.

Tina spoke on her Journey in Bigg Boss 16. She said,” It was good and a roller coaster ride, there’re ups and downs and good days as well as bad days, ugly days, I have seen it all. So it’s like survived an entire 4 months inside the house.”

Tina was seen refering to someone called “ZuZu” in her life inside the Bigg Boss house. She was interrogated about that. To which she replied,” This is a CID question. I think you all should find out who’s ZUZU. But I think some mystery remain Mysterious, that’s better.”

During the last few weeks that Tina had spent inside the house, she made good friends with Priyanka. Tina said,” I won’t say it was sudden but we were together for 8-9 weeks and it grew and got built eventually and gradually.We became friends after long time stay in the house. So it was a beautiful friendship and we’ll maintain it further as well.”

Archana inside the house is seen creating shayaris of her own and Tina was asked her take on it. She said,” I swear it’s a different level of talent of Archana which has suddenly erupted but that’s also a talent because if you’re asked to Suddenly present a Shayari then you won’t be able to make it. She’s good and impromptu.”

Tina revealed who she’s missing the most. She said,” Priyanka and Archana are the ones I definitely miss them.”

She added,” I think I was missing Priyanka’s friendship the most, the way we used to chill inside the house. I was also missing the Bigg Boss house and ofcourse Bigg Boss’s voice. Other than this I didn’t miss anything.”

She revealed if she’s met anyone outside the Bigg Boss house. She replied,” Not yet because I myself was busy but I have had talk with Ankit.”

She also talked about strongest contestants according to her. She said,” Priyanka is definitely very strong. Even Shiv for that matter has played really well. So Shiv and Priyanka are going in Top 2 anyways. Then I think even Stan should go in Top 3.”

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